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Band Members Biographies

     Our band members are among the most talented in the industry. It would

be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.

vicki flute

Vicki Wyatt-Jones

(vocals, guitar, flute, harmonica, keyboard)

I started in music at the age of 10. Grew up in a family of music.

I marched in High School Marching band playing flute.

Music continued playing several instruments, guitar, piano, harmonica and violin.

I took professional voice at the the Atlanta School of music. I sang with the Sweet Adeline's in Atlanta for special performances.

I continued my music education, music theory and taught music.

Through the years played for special & private events, with several bands, including Inquiring Minds. I performed in several local bars in the 80's and continued to be a special guest flute player for other bands.

In 2012 started with a Trio Wyatt Group playing jazz in restuarants.

In 2013 Wyatt group now became in demand for private parties and later grew in a full cover dancing band now known as THE WYATT BAND.

Alan Chastain

( Guitar, Keyboard, Bass, Vocals)

Alan Chastain was introduced to music at a very young age! His grandmother used to play piano by ear and was a honky tonk piano player. He watched her play a loved it. At the age of 5 his grandmother taught him three chords on guitar and then it began. Alana father loved to sing so he took Alan everywhere there were musicians so he could learn as much as possible from all of them! At the age of 15 Alan joined his first band playing lead guitar and after just a couple of years he started his own band with his girlfriend that he met singing for Robert Shaw and the Atlanta symphony orchestra for a high school project. Soon after graduating school he married that same girl and preformed together for very many years. In 1993 his band SOUTHERN PRIDE went on tour for the DOD to Europe to preform for the Troops in 7 different countries! All through the years running arms with many different great musicians. 

In 2008 and 2009 he played at Lakewood Amphitheater with stars like Brad Paisley, Chuck Wickes, Jewel, Lynard Skynard and Kid Rock! Alan plays multiple instruments including guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, banjo, mandolin, steel guitar and saxophone just to name a few! He has sang harmonies and leads since a very small boy and believes that without harmonies there isn't a band! Music has been Alan's whole life and he lives to play and sing! On stage for more than 40 years; this guy knows how to read what the other musicians are doing and work with anyone to make people happy! A very very talented man

Mike Duncan (Drummer, Vocals)

I started classical training for percussion at the age of 12 in junior high school. ·

Selected to the All-City band in Orlando, Florida for two years running 1969 and 1970. ·

Moved to Indiana in 1971 - received a special merit honor award for percussion performance with the Indiana All State Band and Chorus in Indianapolis. ·

Worked professionally in night clubs and studio session work from 1973-1980 with the cover/original bands “Puzzle”, “Faze 3” and “Passage”. Also played drums on tracks original compositions and added vocals to my skill set. ·


In Atlanta 2012, I worked with “Intrepid Souls” playing a diverse selection of covers/originals and later with “No Limitz”, a classic rock band in 2013.

Joined the Wyatt Band in 2014.

My musical influences range the spectrum of contemporary music over the past 30 years from Ambrosia to Zappa. “All music is Devine” (Kurt Vonnegut, 1963).      

Keith Eatmon

Lead Vocals

Keith’s career bagan in the early 90’s with the internationally known R&B/Jazz band “Taylor Made Jazz” of Buffalo, New York. He provided entertainment and morale support for our Troops and US Embassy Personnel overseas through Armed Forces ,MWR and the USO. Keith was voted top R&B vocalist three consecutive years in row by the Buffalo, music awards and nightlife magazine. After relocating to Atlanta, and teamed up with a number of musical groups and The Wyatt Band. Keith considers himself The Variety Vocalist and loves to share with music lovers of all kind and hopes to bring his talent at an event or party near you soon

Mike Phillips

Bass & Vocals

Michael Polutta

Lead Guitar & Vocals

Mark Peacock

Vocals, Keys & Guitar


kevin boggs

Joey Wray

(Lead Guitar & Vocals)

The year was "1967"...The 1st heart transplant recipient was in the

recover room, the 1st ATM was being installed, and Jimi Hendrix was burning up the guitar at the Monterey Pop Festival...Literally....and

Joey Wray was Born!

The gypsy woman was unavailable for comment, but it was clear that

a legend was born. Soon Joey began the journey to his destiny and started playing the guitar. Learning the music of the 60s and 70s he developed

a love for musical storytelling and the playing styles of Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. Playing in a variety of bands covering all genres of music. While evolving into the music of the 80's & 90's, he also honed his skills as a performer. He became an entertainment exhibitionist, jumping

up on bar tops to rip out a blazing guitar solo.  

As the millennium dawned, he found himself in Atlanta Georgia, a new world of entertainment possibilities. His new position with South Georgia's "The Wyatt Band" is one of love and enjoyment. Smoking guitar oriented music and soulful funk grooves are what Joey Wray brings to the table. So come to a show and strap yourself in for a ride on the wild side.

Ursula Relaford


David Cook

Keyboard & Vocals

Starting at an early age, David began studying and playing organ and piano. Throughout his adolescent years, he was the boy who played piano at a sports oriented school. While in school, he participated in the Georgia ALL-STATE Choir for 4 years and started ear training under the auspices of Melvin Hodges, saxophonist of Apollo 4 and Music Teacher at Stone Mountain High School.

Deciding to make music his career, he started performing at dinner clubs and small bars around the east Atlanta area.

As he matured, he learned the value of being able to play 'pickup' by using his natural ability to hear intervals. This lead to becoming an arranger for many local Atlanta popular rock bands in the early 70's. This carried on thru and into the 80's as he put together numerous bands for Atlanta club owner Dee Ford.

Always striving to be as diverse as he could, David has become a sought after sideman, performing with artists like Ken Mellons, David Allan Coe, Nantucket, Robin Lee, and many more.

Tho rock is his passion, he is comfortable performing country, r&b, or pop as well. 

Russ Starrett

Keyboard & Vocals

Larry Ivy

Drummer & Vocals

Kevin Boggs

 Lead Guitar 

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